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Prediction for CME (2023-05-30T17:12:00-CME-001)

CME Observed Time: 2023-05-30T17:12Z
CME Note: Faint, slow, loop-like CME seen to the west-northwest in SOHO C2, C3 and appearing slightly brighter in STEREO A COR2 in the same direction. The source is unclear, and thus simulation results are fairly speculative, but measurements indicate some confidence in an Earth-facing source on the Sun between longitudes 20 and 30 degrees. Possibly associated with brightening and dimming seen on the Earth-facing disk early on 2023-05-30 near N00W40, or with a minor eruption near the vicinity of AR3319 with westward deflection. Arrival signature: increase of magnetic field and rotation of components. From LASSOS discussion: there could be two CME arrivals in this signature - one late on 6/3, then another on 6/4 lasting into 6/6, with the interaction region between the two CMEs around 2023-06-04T19:30Z.
CME Shock Arrival Time: 2023-06-03T21:05Z
Observed Geomagnetic Storm Parameters due to CME:

Predicted Arrival Time: 2023-06-04T05:00Z
Predicted geomagnetic storm max Kp range due to CME: 2.0 - 4.0
Prediction Method: Average of all Methods
Prediction Method Note:
This is the auto generated average of all submitted predictions for this CME
Lead Time: 74.37 hour(s)
Difference: -7.92 hour(s)
Prediction submitted by Auto Generated (CCMC) on 2023-05-31T18:43Z
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