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STAT (20191001)

SPE Threat Assessment Tool

Model Description

STAT leverages CORHEL(Corona-Heliosphere, from Predictive Science Inc.) and EMMREM (Earth-Moon-Mars Radiation Environment Module, University of New Hampshire) to combine physics-based models of the solar corona and inner heliosphere, including coronal mass ejection (CME) modeling (CORHEL), with physics-based simulations of energetic particle fluxes and dose rates (EMMREM). STAT allows users to run the Energetic Particle Radiation Environment Module (EPREM) for precomputed magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) models of real CME events to simulate solar energetic particle (SEP) events using three-dimensional solutions of the focused transport equation.  STAT allows users to model SEP acceleration and transport for the CME events provided, and investigate how different parameters of the focused transport model affect the results.

TDm Designer/Explorer allows a user to initiate CMEs in realistic configurations using modified Titov-Demolin flux ropes. It presently allows the simulation of CMEs with simplified physics (plasma pressure = 0, no energy equation.) In the future it will allow CCMC users to perform full thermodynamic MHD simulations of CMEs, which is the level of description required for modeling SEP events.

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Space Weather Impacts:

Solar energetic particles - SEPs (human exploration, aviation safety, aerospace assets functionality)

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Contacts :

Jon.Linker, ModelDeveloper
Nathan.Schwadron, ModelDeveloper
Ron.Caplan, ModelDeveloper
Matt.Gorby, ModelDeveloper
Peter.MacNeice, ModelHostContact
M.Leila.Mays, ModelHostContact

Acknowledgement/Institution :

Predictive Science Inc.

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Publications :

  • Coupled MHD-Focused Transport Simulations for Modeling Solar Particle Events
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