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Run Description

CCMC ROR run for GITM 21.11 with RORID Jack_Wang_052722_IT_3

Simulation Time:

Simulation Start Time: 2005-09-18T00:00:00Z
Simulation End Time: 2005-09-21T00:00:00Z
Time Step in second:
Simulation Time Description:
Simulation Time Caveats:

Temporal Dependence (whether the outputs of the simulation code are time-dependent?): true



Simulation Domain :

Contacts :

Jack.Wang, ModelUser

List of Run Input Parameter Grouping and their associated properties :

Name Description Caveats Properties
Settings for the model
Settings used to run the model
Name Description Caveats Units Default Value or Actual Value Valid Min Valid Max
Hemispheric power index
1 10
Type of the run - either driven by real data or by artificial conditions
Solar wind inputs
Time-dependent solar wind plasma and magnetic field inputs.
Solar wind inputs are derived from a single spacecraft usually 200 R_E upstream of the sun-ward (front) simulation box boundary.
Name Description Caveats Units Default Value or Actual Value Valid Min Valid Max
Sun-Earth component of solar wind magnetic field.
Bx is usually held constant (zero or average of observed values) to conserve div.B at the front boundary. Alternatively, oblique phase fronts can be assumed that update solar wind conditions along those fronts throughout the front boundary. Bx is then approximated as a linear combination of time dependent By and Bz. nT 0 -100 100
Dawn-dusk component of solar wind magnetic field.
nT 0 -100 100
North-south component of the solar wind magnetic field. B_z is most important magnetic field component to drive or inhibit geomagnetic activity. Other components play a role in connection with the orientation of the Earth's dipole field.
nT -5 -100 100
Sun-Earth component of solar wind velocity.
Low solar wind speed (less than 200 km/s in magnitude) usually indicates poor statistics in the solar wind plasma measurements. km/s -400 -3000 -200
Ionosphere conductance model
Name Description Caveats Units Default Value or Actual Value Valid Min Valid Max
Solar irradiation index as represented by the flux of 10.7 cm (2800 MHz) radiation from the Sun measured in units of 10−22 W⋅m−2⋅Hz−1.
Daily index of solar radiation that affects the daytime background conductivity in the ionosphere. sfu 150 50 300

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