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Space Weather Database Of Notifications, Knowledge, Information (DONKI) (developed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center, CCMC) is a comprehensive on-line tool for space weather forecasters, scientists, and the general space science community.

DONKI provides:
  • Chronicles the daily interpretations of space weather observations, analysis, models, forecasts, and notifications provided by the Space Weather Research Center (SWRC).
  • Comprehensive knowledge-base search functionality to support anomaly resolution and space science research.
  • Intelligent linkages, relationships, cause-and-effects between space weather activities.
  • Comprehensive webservice API access to information stored in DONKI
DONKI Goals:
  • One-stop on-line tool for space weather researchers and forecasters.
  • Gathers and organizes space weather scientists interpretations and daily activities with correlations and direct links between relevant space weather observations.
  • Enables remote participation by students, world-wide partners, model and forecasting technique developers.
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Important Disclaimer Notice

If you are looking for the official U.S. Government forecast for space weather, please go to NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center ( This "Experimental Research Information" consists of preliminary NASA research products and should be interpreted and used accordingly.

NASA Official: Dr. Maria Kuznetsova
Curator: Chiu Wiegand